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Not Activism, Solutionism

World development in a box - Green Tech
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green technology for humanitarian relief
This is not a community about activism. This is a community about solutionism.

Imagine going into a devastated area with a box, within which is everything a community needs to rebuild itself... Development In A Box.

Development-in-a-Box is a term from Thomas P. M. Barnett, describing an A-to-Z system that is used to bring a post-conflict/post-disaster/post-whatever... up to working order again. What we're doing in this community, however, is discussing technology that would be a part of development-in-a-box. That is, prescriptive technology/methods/processes to be used in disaster relief, famine relief, drought relief, pandemic reliefs etc., especially focusing on rural (read: near stone-age) and remote areas.

People in the modern world seem to forget that remote areas don't have the capacity to build huge plants for, say, algae farms, and because large algae farms aren't competitive enough for the modern countries, they give up. But what they forget is that rural areas would love to have even small-scale productions such as these, and, ironically, these remote areas are usually places with the ideal conditions for such projects! (Example: sub-Saharan Africa)

Development-in-a-box needs to be a point-of-use system, such as the Children's Safe Drinking Water program, Nanosolar, and Plumpy'Nut.

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For the Thomas P. M. Barnett video, go to http://www.poptech.org/popcasts/popcasts.aspx and select Thomas Barnett in the drop-down box under Archives
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