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pamc in dev_in_a_box

10 ways to fix the planet


I especially love the bit about LED light bulbs. The money-saving fluorescents are *super* toxic in the amount of mercury they contain. They're touted as a green solution without being green at all.

Oh, and I found out today from my electric company, I use about $0.53 of electricity a day. And my apartment has electric heat only (which I don't use). ^_^


:) I find it amazing that just living on the third floor and having 2 computers and a tv (not all of them on at the same time mind you). I really never need to heat the appartment that I live in as well as my GF. (It is small and I cook there too).

On the brit side when the electric company sent out coupons for the CF lights I talked to all my neibors and they were not interested in them. So I now have the entire appt using them and I figured that I am saving around $10-25.00 a month. (went from around $70 bill a month to around 48-55 a month during the winter).