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Nanosolar - company profile

Nanosolar is on track to make solar electricity:
--cost-efficient for ubiquitous deployment
--mass-produced on a global scale
--available in many versatile forms.

Nanosolar has developed proprietary process technology that makes it possible to produce 100x thinner solar cells 100x faster.

Watch videos by CNN, KQED, CNBC to see how we can simply roll-print thin-film solar cells.

Our first product, the Nanosolar Utility Panel™, is the industry's first panel specifically designed for optimal utility-scale systems economics.

The result sets the standard for cost-efficient solar power.

Nanosolar is a global leader in solar power innovation. We are setting the standard for affordable green power with solar cell technology of distinctly superior cost efficiency, versatility, and availability.

Our mission is very simple: Delivering cost-efficient solar electricity.

Leveraging recent science in nanostructured materials, we have developed a critical mass of engineering advances that profoundly change the cost efficiency and production scalability of solar electricity cells and panels.

Our first product, the Nanosolar Utility Panel™ enables unprecedented system economics at utility scale.

At Nanosolar, we believe that energy should be clean, safe, affordable, and abundant; and that a path to this exists through technology and innovation.

In an age of carbon fuel scarcity and global warming, it is increasingly mandatory for electricity to be produced locally, cleanly, and in ways that minimize the peak-load burden on already overtaxed electricity grids.

At Nanosolar, we are working to make it possible to deliver grid-parity solar electricity.

By setting the standard for solar technology with distinctly superior cost and capital efficiency, we are planning to become the world's largest solar energy technology company.

We will thus contribute to creating a future based on inexhaustible, clean, safe, affordable, and reliable energy.

Thanks to Vinay Gupta